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EEA Grants (2014-2021)

Next Generation Viral Hepatitis B and C vaccine development in plants and algae using advanced biotechnological tools


Project Acronym: SmartVac

Duration: 48 months


Funding: 1.500.000,00 euro


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1) The 49th Conference of the Romanian Society for Immunology &The 4th Conference of the Romanian Association for Immuno-Dermatology. 30.09-3.10.2020 Videoconference:


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2) The annual conference of scientific research in the Romanian Academy. 23.11.2021


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3) The Annual Symposium of the INCDMM “Cantacuzino” Institute. 25.11.2021


Nichita N, “Production of novel vaccine antigens derived from the Human Hepatitis B Virus” (Key lecture)


4) Annual Symposium of the Protein Society (USA), July 7-14, 2021


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